12 April 2021

Opinion: Restaurant revamps without the downtime - it's what we do by Head of Customer Success Marc Rackett

At some point you’ve probably heard someone describe their job as being like “building a plane as I’m flying it”.

It’s an overused expression but a nevertheless apt description of what we do every day at Fingermark™.

That involves equipping fast food restaurants all over the world with cutting-edge technology that can transform their business - without costly downtime and disruption to customers during installation.

Picture this scene: A Tuesday afternoon at a busy, 24-7 burger chain with a single drive-thru lane. It needs new digital menu boards and an integrated system for more effectively managing drive-thru traffic installed and fully operational before hungry patrons pull up with their dinner orders. For Fingermark™, it’s all in a day’s work.

This is what we specialise in - installing digital menu and promotion boards, self-service kiosks and rolling out our acclaimed Eyecue™ drive-thru optimisation software with minimal disruption to service.

Part of that is down to the innovative solutions we’ve come up with. Eyecue™, for instance, doesn’t rely on the “legacy loop”, the coil of wire that sits beneath many drive-thru lanes.

Instead, Eyecue™ uses smart cameras that scan the drive-thru, detecting vehicles and monitoring each car as it progresses through the drive-thru. The intelligent management, identification and data analytics of Eyecue™ translate into lower wait times, higher sales and happier customers.

But it is also far easier to install and repair, so a restaurant can avoid putting the drive-thru out of action. Keeping the burgers flowing also involves great team work. When it comes to self service kiosks, and digital menu and promotion boards, we partner with metal manufacturing specialist, Metalform.

We have more than just a supplier/customer relationship. We are partners with common goals. Every challenge is tackled together. We integrate our enterprise resource planning for a seamless journey through ordering and manufacturing, delivery and installation.

The same goes for our relationships with our key installers, including Certeq in Australia and New Zealand, Fama Technologies in MENA, Velociti in the United States and Kalex in Canada. We form a dedicated project management team for each project.

Our specialists carefully plan the deployment and installation of kiosks, digital screens and drive-thru technology and then connect equipment to the new or existing network infrastructure, fully test it and ensure it is ready to go.

We invest heavily in getting this right because we well know that time is money in the QSR industry and a partial store closure or delayed store launch hits the bottom line.

Our customers are in the business of delivering quality fast food and creating happy customers. The job of Fingermark™ is to equip them with the best technology to help them achieve that 365 days a year. It’s a big challenge, but one we relish.

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