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We decided to work with Fingermark because they act as our partner. They truly understand our business, care about driving both our businesses forward in a win-win manner, and bring innovative, but executable, solutions to the table.”

Jeff Monico – Regional Chief Information Officer, KFC Asia Pacific

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With Intel® technology

“When you’re battling razor-thin margins in the competitive quick-serve restaurant space, everything matters. So, Fingermark™, utilizing Intel® technology, built self-serve kiosks that improve speed to service, accuracy, and the customer experience.”

What we do

In a nutshell, we make
speed of service solutions
that increase not only operational productivity and efficiency but also, in turn, grow your revenue.

Our global team specialises in thinking ‘outside the box’ to come up with products that will make your business just that much better. We’re world leaders in building digital platforms which will assist you to communicate with your customers in a simple and engaging way. We design our products to be robust but also carry a form that is attractive to users.

Our clients are some of the world’s biggest brand names – business who wouldn’t put their trust in Fingermark if we didn’t deliver something exceptional for our clients.
If you want your business to be in front of the eight ball when it comes to delivering the best service for your customers, then make your mark with Fingermark.

P.S: We don’t splash our cash on fancy ad campaigns trying to lure you in. Chances are you are here reading this because you’ve heard about us via word of mouth. That’s the way we like it.

How we work

We’re not here to sell you something we don’t believe in ourselves.

We’re not here to sell you something we don’t believe in ourselves.
We need to feel your pain before we can resolve it and we work with top notch, like-minded companies to achieve what we do.

We don’t see any point in fluffing around on the sidelines telling you what might work, we want to become part of your team to understand from the inside how we can solve problems and build digital solutions that are right for your business and customers.

Our team of computer scientists, computer vision & AI architects, software developers and design-led thinking specialists ensure we deliver what you need – sometimes before you even know you need it. If you haven’t heard of us – chances are pretty good you’ve seen our work – our uniquely developed digital menu boards are found in fast-food drive-throughs around the world.

Thanks to us, ordering that KFC burger is a lot easier than it used to be.

Phase one – Exploratory

We become an extension of your everyday operation

We seek to understand your business and discover exactly what your pain points are. This can take a bit of time. It can take some commitment, compromise and soul-searching from you. It is critical that both organisations find the best grounds for working together. This builds trust and sets the foundation and the culture of the engagement.

Phase two – Application and Build

We work with you to find the best solution.

Fingermark is an agile technology company, with software developers, engineers and project leads working in an agile fashion. We love to accommodate unconventional ideas and methods to find the right solutions. This means that nothing is set in stone. Projects are permitted to duck, weave and evolve in ways that allow change through the development process. This approach may take longer but results in solutions and products that have greatest chance of success.

Phase three – Test and Deploy

We deliver solutions that work… fast

Fingermark believes in the Minimum Viable Product approach. Using Design-Led Thinking, you may not drive off the starting line in a Ferrari, at first, but the sturdy, reliable Toyota will be solid, highly functional and get to where you need to go, without a huge initial financial burden. Learnings gained over the initial engagement will help to build the Ferrari over successive project phases.

Our Industries

Fingermark are world leaders in Quick Service Restaurants Digital Solutions which drives sales and creates operational efficiencies.

Talk to us to learn more!

Talk to us to learn more!

Talk to us to learn more!

What’s next?

If you think we’d work well together, let’s talk and see what we can achieve. We’re upfront about the fact that to have the best relationship possible, we sometimes need to take our time and get to know each other. Starting with a good foundation is important to us and will help to ensure the product we create is the best it can be.

We’ve been waiting for you

Come work with us

We’re always on the lookout for people who are stars at what they do and passionate about solving customer problems with digital solutions. If you’re dynamic, caring, and courageous – we want to hear from you.

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