Upsell customers, take more orders and get orders right every time

Kiosks can serve customers all-day-long, every day. With user-friendly, intuitive software and advanced hardware solutions that integrate with EYECUE, meet your new no. 1 employee.
Studies show that customers ordering from self-service kiosks spend 20-30% more per order. And with customers in total control, order customisation is in their hands too.

A much-needed extra salesperson during peak times, many quick service restaurants are designing their fitouts to prioritise kiosks as the first point of order.

With an intelligent suggestion engine kiosks encourage customers to add to their order by presenting new items, promoting upsize and add-ons, and showcasing the latest promotions, making the customer experience more enjoyable.

Key Features

With user friendly intuitive software, customer ordering is quick and simple to use, giving the customer control over their choices.

Our smart web-based software platform provides easy to use, enterprise level fleet management, remote monitoring and administration access, it can be tailored to meet your business requirements.

Its slimline form (310mmm x 280mm) ensures it doesn’t take up any valuable space, and you can choose from seven mounting options.

If you’re using a major POS and payment provider, integration should be straightforward.

Real time collection of data from your customers’ orders ensures important data is captured 24/7 providing daily reporting, including individual revenue results for each kiosk.

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